Deciding to place your loved one in a Skilled Nursing facility can be a very emotional journey. The stress of not knowing what medical care your loved one needs; Worrying about how will these services be paid for; Confused about where to look for help and if they have a bed available. All of these aspects to finding appropriate placement can be challenging to navigate. At Tower Hill Healthcare Center, we try to make this transition as smooth as possible. We do this by having a three step admission process.

Step one

Our clinical nurse Liaison will do an onsite assessment of each person to determine if Tower Hill is the best fit for them. If applicable, we will create an individualized plan of care and discuss our intended treatment with you.

Step two

Our admissions team will help you decide what the best method of payment is. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, private pay and some insurance plans. Each of these options are personal to every individual and will be treated accordingly by our corporate business manager.

Step three

Once we have established we can clinically, emotionally and financially care for your loved one, we will set up a move in date. Tower Hill will coordinate this move with the hospital, assisted living, rehab facility or the primary support person at home. Our admissions team will get everything set up for the patients’ needs upon arrival.